Rich Energy US


Rich Energy US is a premium and innovative British energy drink painstakingly developed and optimised over the last 6 years with leading beverage experts and recently launched in the UK and US.

The sole objective was to create a peerless, ultra high quality energy drink with none of the downsides of the competition, has a crisp clean taste and high performance. The CEO came to me with the challenge of building a complete system to handle their e-commerce as well stand out as a hub for information launching their product in the United States.


We implemented a flexible but scalable e-commerce platform while integrating all the components of a customized end-to-end solution so both orders, shipping, payment providers, and accounting would be seamlessly getting their information.

Our staff conducted interviews with 3rd Party Logistics providers to see if our system would work well most if not all carriers were essential to building out the platform. This way, when a new provider would come online, the people taking over the system we built didn’t have to change anything to take on a unique opportunity.

Lastly, the website’s multimedia and blogging capabilities were meant to showcase the high end, and luxury feel we wanted to provide as well information and updates about the brand.
Daily Traffic Achieved (within 15 days of launch)
Email Subscribers (within first month)
“What we set out to accomplish with Jimmy is exactly what we were looking for. A great design and extremely useful experience for our customers and vendors to enjoy. The growth we’ve accomplished alone with our web traffic has helped us attract new vendors and grow our existing relationships. I’m more than happy with the work we’ve done together and look to continue working with him and his company in the future.”

Blake Farhoumand, CEO of Rich Energy US

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