About Our Firm

Your brand needs to be the first thing that comes to your client’s mind.


SE1ECTMEDIA seeks to grow businesses in a powerful, effective, deliberate, and systematic way.

How we do this through a deep understanding of the industries we work in and the collaboration we create between our clients and us to make sure we know what makes you and your customers “tick.”

Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was your business. We want to be crystal clear that we set you up for success before the first pixel or code is created on your website, or the first frame was shot over video.


As humans, we know that creating a plan applying both an art and science approach to solving real problems for real people is evident throughout our approach.

First, we dive deep into who you’re trying to target and who’s been your ideal client since you’ve been in business.

Whether that is recreating your user experiences throughout your marketing channels (social, push notifications, email, video), web design refresh to creating video production for internal training, testimonials or commercials, pinpointing where you are excelling and can improve is vital to the success of any project we work on together.

Next, we will start to generate a blueprint to really make your brand aware in those types of clients where you’re not seen as a company or community but defined as a unique solution to their problems your products and services solve for them individually.

Lastly, we have plans to monitor your progress so we can know what is resonating and what is not with your audience. Humans are emotional and logical and that constant push and pull needs to constantly monitor to make sure you’re actually breaking through the noise.


So you might be asking yourself: what do you focus on, and how are you different from other local marketing agencies?

While we have worked with all types of industries, we primarily play in the sandbox of real estate (think real estate agents/investors, developers, and contractors, insurance, mortgage, finance, etc.). My marketing partners and I have been in the real estate industry since 2011 in the Greater Indianapolis area.

With our varied and deep understanding of our services have experienced, we can provide you with both real-world experiences coupled with resources and tools that can make your products, services, brand, and people shine.

The service nature of the professions noted above needs to have your messaging illustrated in a way your strengths are highlighted using the power of corporate video and conversion and value-focused web development.

The Founder

Jumha Shatara

I love marketing and how it can be used for a force of good in people’s businesses and make a difference in their client’s lives for the better.

I invite you to experience how we can get your business to use corporate video, consulting effectively, and web development in your business today. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Looking to connect the dots in your marketing?

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